PaperGirl São Francisco 2011

30/09/2011 23:20

PaperGirl São Francisco (um evento muito bacana de fomentação e divulgação de trabalhos artísticos)

Won't you join us?

The Papergirl SF team is always looking for volunteers to help out and make this wonderful project a reality! We encourage everyone to submit art, but there are other ways people who share our enthusiasm can get involved. Below is a short list of things anyone can help with:

  • Helping put up or take down the exhibition
  • Helping sort and prepare the art rolls
  • Helping with the bicycle distribution!
  • Hosting workshops and skill shares!
  • Helping with logistics and planning (this means everything from the bike routes, to the gallery proposals, press materials, and beyond!)
  • Helping with the website and making it awesome!
  • Helping with design (we always need flyers and posters!)
  • Street Team! (folks who can spread the flyers and posters far and wide)
  • General networking (telling anyone and everyone you know about it! blogging, tweeting, writing, etc.)

We welcome anyone who has some free time and a passion for this project to contact us to get started! All are encouraged to get their hands dirty with Papergirl!

Submission Deadline is SEPTEMBER, 2011

All artwork can be mailed to:
Papergirl SF
PO Box 410156
San Francisco, CA 94141